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Rua da Arménia, 30


The best way to enjoy the beautiful city of Porto!

Historical Tram

On the Route of Historical Tram

Guided tour downtown towards Praça do Infante, where the track of the Tram 1 begins, one of the most charismatic of Porto. We will then proceed along the shore of the Douro River until Ponte da Arrábida and Massarelos, heading towards the Tramcar Museum, where our passegers are invited to visit an exquisite exposition about the tram since the past until present time.

On the way back, our tour finishes in the Museum of Transport and Communications, where you may go through the history of the automobil and reflect about the present and the future.

Our guides / interpreters speak several languages and explain briefly the development of transports over the tracks of Porto and also some curiosities about the unusual facts of our tour. 

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Tour specifications: 

  • Tour price:                        40€ / 2 pessoas, IVA incluído
    Pick-Up no Hotel:             10€
    +1 child under 12 years: 10€
  • The tour is guided in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

  • Point of departure: BICLAS & TRICLAS store
    Rua da Arménia, 30, Miragaia, Porto
    (Pick-up service available at the hotel)

  • Point of arrival: Transport and Communications Museum
    Edifício da Alfândega, Rua Nova da Alfândega, Porto

  • Start time: Por marcação

  • Tour duration: 1 hour
    Visit to Tram Museum: 45 min.
    Visit to Transport and Communications Museum: 45 min.

  • Distance covered: 4 Km


  • Tricla tour for 2 people.

  • 2 Tickets to Tram Museum.

  • 2 Tickets to Transport and Communications Museum.

  • Enthusiastic Local guide, ready to help you discover Porto.




  • Porto downtown

  • Porto Historic Center

  • Tram No. 1 Path

  • Miragaia

  • Alfândega do Porto

  • Cais das Pedras

  • Arrábida Bridge

  • Tram Museum

  • Rua de Monchique

  • Transport and Communications Museum