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The best way to enjoy the beautiful city of Porto!


Deliver Bike

BICLAS & TRICLAS will deliver and pick-up your hired bike at your hotel or accommodation anywhere in Porto.





We do all the logistics, you enjoy!

BICLAS & TRICLAS will deliver and pick-up your hired bike at your hotel or accommodation anywhere in Porto.
During the online booking process, simply let us know where and when you want the bicycle to be delivered, and where and when we should pick it up.

You will only have to wait for our van at the agreed time; your hired bikes will be all set.

Our dedicated delivery and collection service is here to help you enjoy your cycling days without having to worry the logistics of renting a bicycle.

We deliver in an area of 15 km around our SHOP
Delivery / COLLECT hours: Monday-Sunday from 10.00 to 19.30 

We deliver in an area of 15 km around our store

The Bikes

We have great bikes to rent, lightweight 7sp urban bikes and electric bikes from the well-known German brand KALKHOFF.



Trekking Bike 7sp
Sizes L, M, S, XS

If you are going to stay in Porto for a few days and won't dismiss a bike to ride around the city and outskirts, this lightweight and easy to ride bike is the right choice for you.
Note: Rental valid for a delimited area of 30 km around our store


- Lightweight frame.
- Strong Shimano Alivio V-brakes.
- Complete chainglider protection.
- Front and rear lights to be seen.
- Designed and made in germany.
- 7sp hub gears for the sloping hills.

- Helmet - FREE (by request).
- Lights - Integrated.
- Ring Padlock - Integrated.
- Rear Rack - Integrated.
- Repair Kit - FREE (by request).
- Rear Bags (panniers) - 3€ per day.

2 DAYS - 36,00€ | 6 DAYS - 63,00€
3 DAYS - 46,00€ | 7 DAYS - 68,00€
4 DAYS - 53,00€ | 8 DAYS - 73,00€
5 DAYS - 58,00€ | 9 DAYS - 78,00€
Prices include: Bike Rental + Delivery + Collect

Electric bike
Sizes L, S

This award-winning electric bike adds a new dimension to cycling around beautiful Porto. No matter how hilly, hot or windy, you will love exploring. It's magic! see more
Note: Rental valid for a delimited area of 30 km around our store


- Powered by central drive.
- high capacity Lithium ion battery.
- Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub gears.
- Magura hidraulic brakes.
- Rear rack, mudguards, suspension.
- Up to 100 km range in Eco mode.

- Helmet - FREE (mandatory by law).
- Lights - Integrated.
- Ring Padlock - Integrated.
- Rear Rack - Integrated.
- Repair Kit - FREE (by request).
- Rear Bags (panniers) - 3€ per day.
- Liability Insurance - Included.

2 DAYS - 58,00€ | 6 DAYS - 138,00€
3 DAYS - 78,00€ | 7 DAYS - 153,00€
4 DAYS - 98,00€ | 8 DAYS - 168,00€
5 DAYS - 118,00€ | 9 DAYS - 178,00€
Prices include: Bike Rental + Delivery + Collect

  • Rental price includes all taxes, locks and helmets (optional)

  • All rentals come with high-quality LOCKS to make sure the bikes are not stolen. We will show you how to use the locks correctly as part of the rental process.

  • In overnight rentals it is the responsibility of the customer/renter to park the bicycle in a safe place within doors.

  • With regular bikes helmets are not mandatory in Porto (except for those under 12 years old). For electric bikes the helmets are mandatory for everyone.

  • Helmets and child seats are available at no extra charge.

  • Children's bikes are available as well in a wide range of sizes.

  • OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK | April to October - 09:30 – 20:00   |   November to March – 10:00 - 18:00

  • Rua da Arménia, 30, Miragaia, 4050-066 Porto | Tel. +351 220 996 130 | Mob. +351 933 658 008


How does the booking process work? It's very simple, while also allowing you to personalise every detail. These are the steps:

  1. Enter your personal details and the bike delivery or collection location.
  2. Choose which bikes you would like to hire and the number of each type you require.
  3. Enter the specification for each of the bikes selected (accessories, sizes, etc...)
  4. Confirm the booking and pay.
  5. An automatic email containing all the details and the booking confirmation is sent to you. You should print this email and present it when you receive the bike.

How do I arrange to have a bike delivered to my accommodation? At the first stage of the booking process you will be asked where you are staying or where you are planning to stay. You must also notify us of the time at which you would like to collect your bike; we will send you an email confirmation. We deliver the bikes in Porto within 15km radius around our shop.

What happens if I don't return the bike on time? It will be charged based on the length of the delay. It will be charged at 100 euros for each day that the bike is not returned. If you notify us in advance (2 days' notice) and your bike is available on the subsequent days, then the rental period can be extended based on the standard rates.

What equipment comes with the bike? Each bike comes with the standard accessories supplied with that model. The use of a helmet at all times is recommended.

What condition must I return the bike in? In the same condition it was in after your last day of trekking. You're on holiday – we'll clean it! Remember to return all of the accessories and extras, as otherwise you will be charged for them. If you return it in poor condition from falls or other incidents, you will be charged for the parts at the rates provided by the supplier in Portugal.

What happens if I have a problem while I'm cycling? The customer is responsible for any breakdowns or repairs which occur while using the bike, based on current market rates. You can also contact us to call out our breakdown service. Biclas & Triclas responds for repairs caused by a bad adjustment on our part or a defect in the material. In this case we would move to any point of the Porto area and without any cost the piece or the whole bicycle would be substituted in its defect.

What happens if I have an accident with the bike? We hope we never encounter this situation, but cycling can be like that. You will be responsible for replacing the broken parts based on current market rates. The replacement of parts will depend on their availability within our business, or from our suppliers.

How old do I have to be to rent a bicycle? We welcome all ages but riders under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the rentals documents for them.

What does the bicycle rental include? All rentals include helmets, locks, chargers, maps, and even personalized itineraries (on request).

Do I need to wear a helmet? No, in regular bike but free helmets are included with every bicycle rentals. For anyone aged 18 or older riding a bike in Porto, no law imposes the use of a helmet. However, we strongly recommend the use of a helmet. According to law, helmets are mandatory for everyone in electric bikes and for children younger than 12 year of age in regular bikes.

Is it easy to get around by bicycle in Porto? Yes. Printed bicycle maps are free and available for pick up at Biclas & Triclas. We can also help you decide where to go or what to do by giving you advice.

May I return the bicycle outside of the store opening hours? If you return the bicycle outside of the store before opening hours, you remain fully responsible for it, though, even if you return the lock keys to our store key box (if available). If you need to return the bicycle after hours, please contact our store to make sure after-hours service is available.

What happens if I return the bicycle late or in advance? You agree to return the bicycle at the date and time indicated in the rental agreement. We allow a 30-minute grace period at the end of your rental before a late penalty of 24 hours comes into effect. We do not reimburse the difference for rentals terminated before the time or date indicated in the rental agreement.

What happens if my bicycle gets lost, stolen, or damaged? If your rental bicycle or any component gets lost, stolen, or damaged, you are completely responsible for the loss. In such an event, please inform Biclas & Triclas as soon as possible by telephone or e-mail.

If you have home, credit card, or travel insurance that may pay for the stolen bicycle, you will need to request a police report at the local police station. Read the RENTAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS to see your responsibility in more detail.

Liability in case of accident You should have coverage through your own accident and liability insurance. We are not responsible, under any circumstances, for accidents or damage you cause to yourself, or which you cause to any third party or cases of liability.


Reservation, Modification, Cancellation, and No-Show

  • Reservation: Booking can be completed online, by phone, or in person. All bookings must be prepaid, in full (online) or in part (by phone or in person), with a credit card or debit card.
  • Modification: We can change your rental date in advance at your request. All modification requests can be completed online, by phone, or in person. You will find our contact details on the “Contact” page. Remember to provide our staff with the details of your previous reservation. A confirmation of cancellation or modification will be emailed to you. This confirmation will give the amount of your reimbursement and any amounts charged to your credit/debit card. Credit will be refunded to the card used for payment within 7 days.
  • Cancellation: If you cancel more than 48 hours before your scheduled pickup time, we’ll refund the prepaid amount less 10% for administrative expenses . If you cancel less than 48 hours beforehand, your payment will not be refunded.
  • No-Show: If you are absent at the time of your rental without any prior notice, your payment will not be refunded.

You have up to 3 months after your pickup date to request a refund.


Biclas & Triclas and BikCity are brands by Tricla, Lda dedicated to renting bicycles and accessories for cyclists.

1 - Object
This regulation is in order to define the conditions and civil responsibilities of client/renter who celebrate with Tricla, ltd, taxpayer No. 513519718, with headquarters in Rua D. João Coutinho, nº 21, 4250-246 Porto, temporary contract with fixed term rental and the use of bicycles.

2 - General Provisions
The bikes to rent to customers are the exclusive property of Tricla, Lda. and intended for leisurely tours inside the Porto Council (30Km around our shop).

3 – Terms and conditions

  • Terms
    a) Customer/renter agrees to take responsibility for any damage or loss of bicycle(s) and accessories during the rental period.

b) The customer/renter has the responsibility and the obligation to respect the traffic rules.

c) In overnight rentals it is the responsibility of the customer/renter to park the bicycle in a safe place within doors.

  • Conditions
    a) It is not required by Tricla the payment of any bail or cash deposit.

b) It is mandatory to leave an identification document.

c) All bikes are rented with padlock. - We will show you how to use the locks properly during the hiring process.

d) Will be provided by Tricla, helmets whenever requested at no extra cost. - The use of helmets is mandatory for users of electric bicycles and for everyone under 12 years old.

4 – Rental prices
The rental prices are the ones that are included in the price list posted in a place visible in the Biclas & Triclas store.

The prices include VAT at the prevailing rate. The rental price includes locks and helmets (optional).

5 – Insurance and accidents
The rental does not imply any liability insurance or personal accident insurance by Tricla.

The customer is always Responsible for the damages on the bike, to others and to himself.

6 – Malfunctions
In case of any malfunction in the rental equipment by client's fault, he should notify immediately Tricla and deliver the bike in the shop, being charged by Tricla, the amount corresponding to the estimated time of stoppage of the equipment.

In case of any malfunction in the rental equipment without the customer's fault, he should notify immediately the Tricla and deliver the bike in the shop, which is replaced by another similar.

7 – Theft, loss and damages
The rental amount does not include insurance against theft, total or partial loss of the bicycle (or other damages), or damage (as in your equipment, mechanics or personal effects carried on the vehicle), for any circumstance, whether by vandalism or traffic accident.

For other risks (theft, loss, damage to the vehicle) there is a liability amount to be paid by the customer in the amount of:
City bike - 287€ + 66€ (VAT) = 353€
Trekking bike - 487€ + 112€ (VAT) = 599€
Mountain Bike - 204€+46€ (VAT) = 250€
e-bike - 1601€+368€ (VAT) = 1969€

Loss or damage of accessories (keys, helmet, etc.) are not covered by the liability amount and will be charged according to the general price list.

8 – Damaged parts
In the case of partial damages or loss of accessories, the customer will be subject to the payment to Tricla of the amount corresponding to the repair and replacement of the damaged parts in accordance with the price list at the time of signature of the contract.

9 – Omissions
For cases omitted in this regulation, stakeholders are ruled by applicable law.


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